Friday, August 4, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017


I was going to post a picture of one of my plant windows but Google won't play with my iPad Pro so you'll have to imagine. I haven't been using blogger much because it's often a hassle I don't want to bother with.

Just updating to say that I'm in our new gym daily if not twice Daily and loving it tremendously. I'm currently following Dr. Fuhrman's 6 Week plan in order to positively impact my body composition.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

January 2017

1 - Happy New Year!

I had to wait to workout today because I wanted to stream and like a doofus started downloading Adelaide's Beach Workout in Hi Def no less. It's beautiful but I learned my lesson. It took forever!

I was surprised to find that the 30 Day DVD workouts are on the streaming site. I got all excited only to realize that you have to pay to download them. I checked and the half price code still works so I got all three for $9.00.

There's also a new, free to stream Intermediate session by Sandra. It was filmed in the same setting as the 30 Day DVD.

I decided to do the Beginner 30 day session and Sandra's Intermediate session. I did the Beginner Session and really liked it! I think I may be bonding with Lacey. ;) Seriously, I really liked it. She has some innovative and effective ways of setting things up.

Then I decided I was crazy to consider doing Sandra's new session. Then I decided I'd stop and watch if I couldn't stay relaxed. I REALLY liked this one!
I ended up doing the whole thing.

I think I need to consider switching things up and really challenging myself 2-3 days of the week with active recovery type days between.

2 - Today I did DAily Stretch followed by Adelaide's Super Sculpt for abs abs SS for arms. Wow!
True to Adelaide's MO they were super tough despite being 5 minutes a piece. They're each only 5-minutes long - so super efficient.

3 - 10/10 plus 2 sets of 8 slow half time open closes – I probably sped up a bit on the last two! Whew!

4 - Good Morning!
I did Classic Callanetics. I did 4 decreasing sets of open closes doing 9 then 5 then 4 then 3 reps.

Now that I'm relaxing more I'm able to notice little inconsistencies between my right and left sides. This morning I noticed that during the inner thigh squeeze my hips were not quite centered so I quickly fixed it. I don't want to feed my postural deviation by being off. I won't belabor it but there haven been other things and darn if when fix them the movement doesn't feel deeper!

5 - Daily Stretch

6 - This morning I did Sandra's 51 minute Solo WO. I thought about doing one of her hour long sessions but 50 minutes was more what I had time for. This was quite different than what I've been doing. Less pulses of movements but several variations for each area. I feel thoroughly relaxed and worked at the same time.

I noticed that when I'm in proper alignment with check points in place my LB and abs are tight and firing. I'm not tightening them. They are just properly turned on. I've got to remember to check my alignment throughout the day.

7 - I did the Beginner Callanetics Countdown. It's only 25 minutes so I was able to push deeper than I can with a longer WO. I really like this one! I was able to do the first seated hip and behind exercise
without holding on! No such luck on the second Hip and behind exercise where the pulsing leg is
extended. Not even close.

8 - Daily Stretch and Classic Callanetics - quite a demanding session! I had hoped to be doing two sets of 10 slow open closes but could only manage two sets of 9.

9 - Daily Stretch and loads of walking for me today. I'm experimenting with working deeply and then resting for recovery.

10 - Today I did the 45 minute version of 10/10 and will teach classes. No added open closes but I
increased the pelvic rotations and scoops to 12 reps. (Goal to work to 20 reps)
Found this fascinating, though you may not. ;) 80% or more of what we think of as sensation of a muscle stretching is actually sensation coming from the fascia.

11 - Callanetics Countdown Level 1

12 - Daily Stretch

13 - Slept in until 7 this morning! I needed the sleep! 
Workout today: 
Free PBL Ab WO
Adelaide's Super Sculpt Magic 200
Lacey's Abs Express
It ended up being a 37+ minute session that hit my arms, abs, and LB. I liked the approach that PBL takes. It was definitely a beginner session but very sound. I was happy to note that my left hip barely clicks now.

14 - Being lazy and pasting what I typed elsewhere because my arms are all quivery from planks and push-ups. 
Lacey is becoming a favorite. (Can every instructor in a group be your favorite?) This morning I did Callanetics Extreme and loved it. I've been feeling frustrated and after doing this WO I realized that I needed more of a challenge that would show me in a concrete way the progress I've made. I was able to do all of the open closes but admittedly did rush the last two. With right leg in front I'm 3" from a full split, with left leg in front only an inch away. My forehead is on the floor in the wide leg forward bend and about 3" off of my shins in the leg together 
forward bend. (When did that flexibility return?) I've definitely regained a lot of lost strength.

I was toying with the idea of adding some Pilates and I still may BUT since Lacey has a Pilates feel about her sessions I think I'll explore some of those.  It feels good to have a renewed sense of direction.

15 - Today I did Countdown Level 1 for the 4th time and enjoyed it just as much. I'm not sure I'll do Level 2 ten 
times but I'll at least try it. I know I need to challenge myself. I worked really hard yesterday but wasn't the least bit sore today. That's supposedly a sign that I'm staying relaxed during the WO. (I think it also shows that I need to challenge myself.)

16-20 - I've continued to do Callanetics and/or daily stretch daily. On one day I added in 15 minutes of Yoga flow.

21 - I've been crazy busy at work and home. Listing my workouts started as a method of documentation for our workplace wellness program. That program has been disbanded in a cost saving effort. :(  To be honest, documenting this way is a pain, even if I use multiple posts rather than adding on. For this reason I'm not going to continue with this practice. Rest assured however that my workout habit is as strong as ever and I'm in my new home gym on a daily basis. :)