Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Check in

I've been concentrating on the Callanetics Streaming site. Blogger is making me crazy so I'm going to try to keep my entries short and sweet this month.

1 - Sandra's 30 minute top off AM. Daily Stretch and Sauna PM.

2 - Today I tried Callanetics Evolution for the first time. It's around 70 minutes long and it felt really different than the streaming workouts. Sandra cued to contract the pelvic floor a lot and they don't cue that any more. The positioning was also different in some cases. I'm surprised how much I prefer the streaming workouts. More intimate with the smaller space and more live even though they're taped.

3 - Taught my classes and walked 5 miles

4 - Walked 4 miles

5 - I Freebounded for 30 minutes making sure to keep my check points in place. Then I did Daily Stretch and Sandra's Quick Session 1. It's only 12 minutes long so you can go really deep without pushing too hard. I topped it off with a sauna.

6 - I just finished Sandra's one hour mindful movement workout. I feel beautifully and totally wrung out and relaxed and a bit wobbly. It was challenging for me to do so many pulses in good form but I took breathers as needed. That was just what I needed. That counts as one of two full Callanetics sessions on my rotation

7 - This morning I did Daily Stretch and a 11+ minute Beginner Pilates Audio session from a Brook Siler box set. (I love my old audio box sets!)
I was somewhat surprised to be able to feel a difference. My neck felt longer, core and thighs stronger. My left hip did click during single leg circles so I need to deconstruct that movement in order to figure that out. Today at work I hit 6,000 steps by 10:00 am. So no shortage on walking.

This morning I still had some residual soreness and I want to be able to do a full intermediate session tomorrow so I made the decision to do Daily Stretch, the "going to paradise" stretch and the Katy Bowman half dome stretches. I also taught a couple of classes and walked a ton. 

8 - Pretty busy day for me. Dialing it back yesterday paid off. This morning I did the original Callanetics. There's a streaming version that has all the non-exercise portions cut out. It's a double edged sword because you get no gaps in the flow but you also get no breaks. Despite that it felt great. 

9 - Pretty busy day for me. Dialing it back yesterday paid off. This morning I did the original Callanetics. There's a streaming version that has all the non-exercise portions cut out. It's a double edged sword because you get no gaps in the flow but you also get no breaks. Despite that it felt great.

10 - Last night I ended up doing a 35 minute Somatics session, sauna and blasting. This morning my muscles feel better. This morning I'll head in after I send this and do Daily Stretch and then walk, work, teach and massage today. It's going to be a long one!

11 - Today I did a 50 minute streaming session by, guess who? Sandra! It felt really challenging! During the barre section my leg muscles were jumping around like crazy. Thankfully it finished with deep stretching. I hope to make time tonight for DS, sauna and Blasting for blood flow.

12 - I'm sore as I could have predicted so I chose DS and Sandra's 10 min. session. I feel great now.

13 - Brenda, A Callanetics instructor at the cafe mentioned Pure Callanetics and her reasons for enjoying it. I decided to give it another try and I'm so glad that I did! Initially I found some of the same things bothersome but 

then realized that I needed to set them aside and claim this session for myself. Once I started keying into my check points and counter extensions and staying relaxed into the pulses the workout felt totally transformed and I truly enjoyed it.

14 -  I tried to check in early this morning but just had no time. Last night I did DS, sauna and light blasting. This morning DS and a 20 minute session.
I am doing less than ever and yet am seeing better results, feeling great and feel like I'm finally
getting my ribs and hips straightened out.  I doubt this will continue but I'm going to ride it out. Crazy day at work! 9000 steps by 9:00 am!

15 - I just finished DS and Sandra's 25 minute Top up. Feels great! I'm working today. I haven't officially mentioned it but I've been tracking steps as part of a wellness initiative. My modest goal is 6,000 but I'm finding that most days I hit 10,000-13,000 without any effort. It's been good to track though because it's made me more aware.

16 - I have a very long massage schedule today so I slept in until 4:30 and did the original
Callanetics.  (Some sleep in, eh? But it felt good.) I wanted to get a full length session in and now it's done. I'm going to do some half dome stretching and Somatics between clients to hopefully hold on to this balanced feeling.

17 - DS and Quick Session 2

18 - Sandra's #2 45 minute session.

19 - This morning I did DS and the Quick Callanetics for Stomach. Great short session! I'm trying to do a mix of full and short, old and new sessions. The plan is still 2-3 longer full sessions and 2-3 shorter sessions where I'm working as deeply as possible. Then 1-2 short Pilates sessions. I seem to want to reach for the Callanetics sessions over the Pilates and that's ok.

20 - This morning I tried "Classic Callanetics." Wow! The footage, some previously unreleased from the Quick Callanetics workouts filming sessions. It felt like it might be a nice stepping stone from OC to Super Callanetics. It was a lot more challenging adding in check points and counter extensions than it might have been if I had done it as I used to perform the Callanetics movements.

21 - Last night I did DD, Sauna and Blasted for blood flow. Just finished DS and the Original Quick
Callanetics for legs.

22 - Daily Stretch and Quick Callanetics Hip and Behind.

23 - I did Adelaide's one hour session this morning. I've done more workouts than I planned this

week so this Intermediate session was perfect. 

24 - Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 This morning I did Daily Stretch and followed it with Adelaide's 30 minute Beach Session. I chose that session because we have snow on the ground and a relaxing beach session sounded good. HA! Adelaide never fails to amaze me with the amount of work she smoothly fits into 30 minutes!

Still, it was a good choice because it made me hold check points and counter extensions in unaccustomed ways. It shocks me every time I do push-ups with check points and counter extensions
in place. I literally feel like I could easily park an elephant on my back! 🐘 Very cool!

25 - Today was a long over due rest day for me. I did Daily Stretch and it was picture perfect.

26 - Original Callanetics with the chit chat removed.

27 - I was able to sneak in Daily Stretch and Sandra 10 minute Quick Session. Her 10 and 12 minute sessions are among my favorites.

28 - Daily Stretch 

29 - Good morning everyone!
This morning I woke up feeling more rested. I've been wanting to try the AM PM workouts so after Beth mentioned it, decided to try AM. You were right Beth, very nice. During the second set of open closes I got what I can only describe as a right low back/upper hip Charlie horse. Since the rest of the session was stretching I finished it out. Then I did Daily Stretch on my own since it systematically relaxes the low back and hips. I feel good as new. 

30 - Another month is gone! I just finished Daily Stretch and PM Callanetics. I woke up feeling stressed because of some family health stuff and this combo really helped mellow me out.

The cramp is history. I don't even have residual soreness. The power of Daily Stretch I guess. 

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