Sunday, October 16, 2016

October continued......grrrrr......Blogger is making me crazy

16 - Today I did the Gentle Sculpting Practice with an eye on mindful relaxation and let go of any preconceived notions about breathers. What a difference! My previously sore muscles actually feel better. My husband and I walked our dogs together and I could feel a difference in how balanced my body is. I played with allowing my ribs to lift and then drop them and I could literally feel my abs turning on when the ribs are down in proper alignment and off when they are even slightly thrust.

17 - I did Sandra's daily stretch and 20 minute workout. She packs a lot in 20 minutes but I was still able to check on my check points and counter extensions.
I stopped the video and did an extra quad stretch after the plies
18 - Daily Stretch then barefoot walk/run one mile

19 - This morning I did Sandra's Daily Stretch followed by her 25 minute session. I had walked/run one mile last night and this morning's session felt just right. I'm working on not thrusting my ribs. I don't do it as much but still need to think about it. 

20 I was out late yesterday doing chair massage. I slept in and then did Sandra's Daily Stretch followed by her 30 minute practice. Her practices are all just different enough to allow me a sense of variety while stressing the same core principles. Our sauna came. Long story short....we carried three 110 pound boxes up 6 stairs and into the gym. Then repeated lifted one non compliant wall panel. Core strength is a good thing!

21 - I woke up feeling that I had used my lifting muscles but surprisingly not really sore other than my left shoulder muscles, which took the brunt of the installation attempts. I did Sandra's Daily Stretch and everything feels better.

22 - This morning I started with Sandra's Daily Stretch. My left lower back was feeling a little off this morning and during the movements my left sacral area snapped loudly and I immediately felt more aligned and felt a slight change in the length and tension of my left pelvic floor.

I started to do Adelaide's 30 minute session but wasn't at all sure I could hold form because she started in a wide stance so I stopped. I ended up doing Sandra's 40 minute intermediate session. It challenged me but I was up to the task. My left lower body is weaker than my right and I really have to concentrate on my alignment and counter extensions. If I allow it to fall out of alignment it feels stronger but then I'm not firing the proper muscles. I sure hope it gets stronger over time. I'm trying not to be frustrated. The key to better movement is to fix my alignment issues. (That's my new Mantra. :) )

23 - This morning I did Sandra Hanna's DS and her 20 minute practice. I got that same delicious "pop" this morning. Yesterday it was a high velocity snap. Today it was a lower velocity pop. That tells me that the muscles and fascia are reestablishing correct length and tension. Goodbye hip snap! For good!!

24 - Quick check in. SH's DS and 25 minute practice. No cracking or popping this morning.

25  - I felt unusually tired this morning and decided that Daily Stretch was enough.

26 - Walked, Callanetics Daily Stretch, Sauna.

27 - Walked, DS, Sandra's Quick Session 2. It's only 10 minutes long but is a nicely balanced little practice.  She also has a 12 minute quick session. I think that these will be great for time strapped or low energy days

28 - This morning I did Adelaide's Upper Body Focused Workout. Oh My! This is another delicious practice. It's intermediate, advanced but I promised myself I'd take breathers and skip any movement where I couldn't hold check points and hold minimal counter extensions. Happily I was able to do everything but I needed extra breathers on some things. Adelaide's pointers during the session were so helpful. 

Post session I'm amazed that I could have so fully challenged my Upper body and abs and really whole body and yet feel longer and more relaxed, especially through my neck and shoulders! 

I'm also wondering if my left hip click is pelvic floor related because that's where I'm feeling a deep stretch on that side in the double calf dome stretch when I'm bent forward with my pelvis in neutral, ribs in, everything aligned.

I had so many little discoveries during this session. Despite the extra breathers I can see that I'm stronger and my rib thrusting isn't automatic anymore. This feels like a journey of self discovery.

I had to edit out an extra "s" that got there because of trembly arms. LOL

29 - Daily Stretch Half Dome Stretches in AM. Then Sandra's 12 Minute Quick Session, Melt UB maintenance body rolling, a massage with the FB and a sauna. sigh....

30 - This morning DH and I did Daily Stretch. I followed it with Adelaide's 30 minute intermediate session. YOUZA! She can really pack a lot into 30 minutes! I found this session really challenging but in a good way.

31 - Daily Stretch in AM, Sandra's 30 minute session plus a sauna in the PM.

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