Saturday, October 1, 2016

October check in

I'm starting the month with the same Work Out template. I'm hoping to finish the 40 day KY Challenge I started in September. Only 11 more days.

1 - I did Day 29 of the KY Challenge and 30 minutes of Freebounding. I forgot to mention that I've been adding the Callanetics Triceps pulses to my UB WOs.

I think if I have a time starved morning I'll do Push ups 10 x 2, Pull ups 10 x 2 and Callanetics triceps pulses 100 x 2 and call it a workout.

2 - This morning was off because DH woke up feeling pretty sick and I didn't want to leave him to exercise until he felt better. Our dog Fionn plastered himself to him until he felt well enough to get up.

I did Day 30 of the KY Challenge took a break to check on everyone and then did a 30 minute Freebounding session. The last few KY sessions were aimed at detox and they've left me feeling kind of off each time. This morning was no different. Oh well, I know it will pass. I just hope it doesn't continue for the last 10 days

3 - This morning I did KY Challenge Day 31. Predictably it left me feeling a bit nauseous. I had thought about this last night and decided to use that as a sign to lighten up when it occurs. In light of that I did Sandra Hanna's short Somatics session. It actually left me feeling quite a bit better.

4 - Today I did KY Challenge Day 32, only 8 days to the finish line! Today was for body balancing - not really detox. Strangely enough I didn't get nauseous. Tomorrow is kidney detox. I'll see what happens. I have a very busy day in front of me with an hour or so of light weights and two massages so I opted to do three sets of 10 pull-ups, 10 full body push-ups, 100 Callanetics Triceps pulses. I actually thought about a fourth set but decided to stick with 3.

5 - This morning I did Day 33 of the KY Challenge. It was for kidneys and adrenals. No nausea. I had planned to do a Callanetics set but at the last minute really wanted to Freebound so I did - for 30 minutes.

I have one week of the challenge left and I'm honestly ready for it to end. I enjoy KY but the sets are long enough that they take up pretty much half of my available morning WO time. I'm experiencing a desire to keep my template but switch up the DVDs and streaming stuff I use but feel like I need to wait to be done with the challenge. Similar feeling to back when I was waiting for our home gym to be finished.

6 - This morning I did Day 34 of the KY Challenge. I was very slightly nauseous when I woke up and more so after the first movement but then just very, very warm in my core. Followed up with only two sets of FB Push-ups, Pull-ups and Callanetics underarm tightner because I tend to teach for almost two hours on Thursdays. I slowed them way down to achieve more time under tension. Whoa! A lot harder for me! 

I used my extra time to watch the last couple Callanetics Foundations videos. I'm enthralled with the similarities and differences between Bowman, Callanetics and T-Tapp. 

7 - This morning I did Day 35 of the KY Challenge. I want to do a full length Callanetics WO but it has to wait until later.

Later: Wow! I did Sandra's beginner Callanetics session this afternoon! She mentioned Katy Bowman. It's an hour and 27 minutes long but for me well worth the time. I feel like my overworked muscles are rested and longer and my weak malingering muscles are working better. I'm going to try devoting a couple of weeks to these workouts.

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