Saturday, October 8, 2016

October Check in cont.

8 - I didn't feel well yesterday but was hanging out in denial. :p Last night a miserable head cold bloomed.
This morning after a mug of tea I did Day 36 of the KY Challenge. I was surprised to find some very deep but slight muscle soreness from yesterday. I felt like Freebounding but instead did Sandra Hanna's Daily Stretch. It didn't cure me but left me feeling a good deal better than I had before.

9 - This morning I did Day 37 of the KY Challenge and Callanetics "Gentle Sculpting." Its just over an hour long so a time indulgence, but I found it really beneficial. I can't believe I'm actually ditching all other exercise and doing Callanetics only for a few weeks. 

10 - This morning I did Day 38 of the KY Challenge - only two days to finish! Being mindful that I didn't feel well Saturday I did Sandra's Daily Stretches and left it at that. I feel very good and quite balanced.

11 - KY Challenge Day 39 and Sandra Hanna's daily stretches. One more day!

12 - Good morning! Still not 100% but probably 95%. :)

This morning I finished my 40 Kundalini Yoga challenge and had a very interesting experience. While moving into Stretch Pose (similar to the third ab position in the original Callanetics DVD or Pilates “the hundred” without the arm movements) I felt my upper body/torso curl up with back relaxed and neck relax and long as I had experienced it in Sandra’s beginner session. It felt amazing because in that moment I felt such a deep connection and awareness with my body – almost euphoric.

That could have been in part happiness that I'm finally finished! ;) But it seriously was a different feeling than I had previously felt with that pose.
I also did the Daily Stretches. I thought about doing another Callanetics clip from the streaming site but decided that for now I want to savor this balanced feeling.

Perhaps I’ll get back to some Callanetics later this evening.
I need to fine tune my current plan. I know I'm going to work in enough Callanetics to get my money's worth and also give it a fair shake.

13 - This morning I'm muscle aware from last nights session but oddly not sore. I'm not sure how to explain it. I did Sandra's Daily Stretch this morning and that muscle awareness persisted. I do have trouble sorting out where muscle soreness and fatigue is coming from given the range of activities I normally do. My left hip is admittedly barely clicking at all and my left leg is quickly getting stronger so maybe this is a good thing. 

14 - I treated myself to Sandra's Beginner session. I hesitate to call it a workout as it's so much more. I can't believe how quickly the hour and 27 minutes flies by. 

I also can't believe how humbling I find it. I'm able to do all of the pulses but with my boney landmarks in place and counter extensions in place (to my best ability) the contractions are really deep! During the seated leg work (one leg bent in front, one to the side) I noticed that proper form and counter extensions really pull my abs flat. I hope that's something that should happen and not me moving my leg from the wrong place. 

By the time we got to the final hamstring stretches my legs were quivering. They're still quivery now. 

I do get muscle soreness a day after one of the full beginner sessions but I'm also noticing a tightening sensation deep in my abs, hips, pelvis - and today even my upper thighs. This is present after a session but even between sessions. 

I'm clearly benefiting from using the beginner sessions

15 - This morning I tried Sandra's AM session 30 min. followed by her Daily Stretch 21 min. 

The AM session is warm-up, abs and LB with stretching. The sequencing and positioning is different than the Beginner sessions I've been doing so my muscle aware legs perceived this as a rest - well initially at least. I followed with the daily stretch an wondered if I should have begun with it. 

I have some muscle soreness in my left low back/upper hip as in "You're stretching me in ways I normally don't stretch!" I'm going to apply a cream to pull blood to the area and allow my normal barefoot walking to ease it out and then later heat it with a heating pad and gently fascia blast it.

One of the two participants from the AM session I did this morning was named Lannette or Lynnette! It was quite strange hearing Sandra talk to me. Update: low back soreness went away in very short order. 

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