Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Workouts

1 - This morning I did TT PBS for a warmup. Then I did the UB segment of Bodymax followed by Fluidity pull ups, two Fluidity flat back exercises, their psoas stretch and hanging stretch. Finally I did the Bodymax stretch.

230 minutes of Freebounding followed by T-Tapp Hit the Floor Tempo. The combination really left my body feeling worked but also less sore. I hadn't done HTF Tempo for a while and forgot how much I like it. It really flew by.

3 - I had the nicest workout today. I Freebounded for 30 minutes. Then I did about 20 minutes of easy Kundalini yoga. Finally I did the 20 minute Callenetics, Sandra Hanna Daily Stretch, Somatics session and 5 minutes on my chi machine while on my massage table with the lights low. 

I met my goals for week 1: UB weights x2, Barre x2, Freebounding x2, T-Tapp 1 Standing and 1 floor, Somatics and stretching x2 and a Kundalini session added in. 
For next week I'll keep the same template but may do a simple UB Giant set WO or planking as with the Daily Method instead of Cathe. I think I'd also like to do a little Kundalini yoga and a single T-Tapp move each day. In the past I've found Giant sets and/or Planking to be super effective and time efficient and that will help give me time for daily KY and TT movements.

I also think I'll try some of the streaming Callanetics workouts so I get my $5.00 worth. 

4I did T-Tapp to Tempo Total Body, then 21 minutes of KY, and finally about 7 minutes on my chi machine. I normally don't have that length of time for KY.

5 - Today I streamed a 45 minute Sandra Hanna, Callanetics session. Then I did the 3rd day of the Kundalini Lounge 40 day set. This kria was for overall body balance and that's how I felt when I finished. Finally, I did 7 minutes on my chi machine. 

I'll admit that I chose the 45 minute Sandra Hanna session based upon a half dome I spied in the icon. Sandra was like a mixture of Callan Pinckney, Teresa Tapp and Katy Bowman in this workout. It was listed under the intermediate WOs but she kept saying it was for beginners. It wasn't hard but it did feel deep. 

She explains the goal of each movement including where you're trying to increase blood flow. I really like that. I'd like to work my way through her WOs. I just wish I knew which order would best.

I'm having a massage today - my first in the new room. I'm saving my T-Tapp moves to do right before. I'm doing the Rock and roll and push pull stretches from THIS article. I don't have back pain but love how those moves feel.

6 -  I did TT PBS as a warm up and then did my old UB Giant Sets followed by Day 4 of the Kundalini Lounge YouTube 40 day set. The weight workout felt great. I love that old workout so much! I subbed in two sets of Fluidity pull ups for a back move I don't find all that effective. 

The KY was interesting. I'd characterize it as 21 minutes of various forms of Pilates rolling like a ball. Rolling back and forth while holding onto my big toes with straight legs for about 2 minutes almost put me over the edge. I think my tailbone is bruised! Just kidding, though it is a bit sore. The crazy thing is that I felt fantastic after I finished. 

7 - I chose one of Sandra Hanna's shorter streaming WOs today. It was only 20 minutes and didn't feel hard but did feel deep. I really like the fact that she explains form so completely. She reminds you to keep ribs down and relax even while you're working. I need those reminders. I want to work through all 26, or is it 28, or her streaming workouts.

I also did Day 5 do the KL series I've been doing. Yikes!! :eek: Today featured back bending poses. I really don't think that the totally uninitiated new to exercise participant would be safe doing this particular Session. The instructor has you sit between your heels and lie all the way back on the floor without modifications. I have a skinny piece of a pool noodle I use for support on that move.

Crazy thing is that I'm all finished and I feel wonderful again. That feeling keeps me coming back.

Even though I've been switching up the workouts I do I can feel myself getting more balanced and with that balance comes strength. My template is making a difference!

Busy day today! We're off to visit and have lunch with some dear friends.  My T-Tapp moves for today will be PBS when we stop for a break during our drive and than a set of Hoedowns to renergize me when I get back home.

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