Friday, September 9, 2016

September continued...

8 - UB Giant Sets, KY Day 6  then later in the evening I streamed a 47 minute Somatics session with Sandra Hanna. I really love her Somatics classes and her Callanetics classes as well. I finished up a few of the T-Tapp back moves and then 5 minutes on my chi machine.

9 - This morning I did Day 7 of the KY Challenge and 30 minutes of Freebounding. I had almost convinced myself to drop the challenge but decided to do "just one more practice." Today was ab centered and I really enjoyed it so I guess for now I'm continuing on. 

10 - Today I started off the day with 30 minutes of Freebounding and followed it up with Day 8 of the KY Challenge. I enjoyed today so I guess I'm continuing. A while ago I finished TT HTF, Somatics-Daily Stretches and 6 minutes on my Chi Machine. In between I shopped and cooked. :) Today ends my workout week and I am happy with meeting my goals. 

11 - This morning I did T-Tapp Tempo Total Body and had a good sweaty workout. I followed it with day 9 of the KY Challange. I'm really enjoying these more than I thought I would. Today's practice was for lymphatic drainage so it was fitting that I teamed it up with TT. 

I'm finding that my KY and Somatics sessions have been fantastic for my stress levels. I had hoped  that this would be true and so far it is. 

12 - This morning I did a 25 minute Calanetics WO with Sandra and Day 10 of the KY Challenge. They felt very complimentary. My wrangled up hip muscles feel like they're rebalancing. I really hope it's not my imagination. I had to get up at 3:45 this morning to get both WOs done! I'm going to get to bed early tonight because I need to be up early tomorrow too.

13 - This morning I did my UB Giant Sets WO and followed it up with Day 11 of the KY Challenge. I also taught about an hour of warmups and light handweights today. That was enough. 

14 - This morning I streamed a 42 minute Sandra Hanna Callanetics session. Then I followed it up with Day 12 of the KY Challenge.  I'm really glad that I didn't allow the weight loss title of this challenge to keep me from trying it. Today was a set for stress relief. It was needed and greatly appreciated.

I'm also more than a little stunned at how much I'm learning from Sandra Hanna's classes. She takes Katy Bowman's alignment concepts and breathes life into them. I never picked up on these specific alignment points in the original Callanetics WOs but now I can see and hear it. It's just that Sandra paints better pictures with her words than Callan had time to in the original WO. This week I've noticed that my wacky tailbone and sacrum are lying flat.

The hardest part is that the WOs don't feel relentlessly tough. Only the area that's working feels challenged and then only deep down. Everything else is profoundly relaxed. This morning Sandra cued us to check our alignment and as I released to stretch up through the torso I felt my deep abs kick in. So strange to have a part of me quaking and shaking with everything else relaxed.

15 - This morning I did UB Giant Sets and Day 13 of the KY Challenge. I almost forgot that I taught warmups and medium heavy weights for 90 minutes.

16 - Lovely WO today. Started with 30 minutes of Freebounding followed by Day 14 of the KY Challenge. Then I was literally craving Sandra Hanna's Somatics so I indulged myself for 20 minutes and did her Daily Stretch.

17 - Just finished 30 minutes of Freebounding and Day 15 of the KY Challenge. We're heading out of town for the better part of the day so I'll get some stealth T-Tapp moves in on our drive out and then back. 

18 - Good Afternoon,

I did T-Tapp Minimax Arms and Day 16 of the KY Challenge. I'd like to do some stretching or Somatics later and DH is going to massage my shoulders and back.

I decided to make some adjustments to my plan since I'm adding my massage schedule back into my week starting tomorrow. I also wanted to build in some recovery time to allow my body to build on the workouts I've been doing in the last few weeks. I also wanted to do a kind of switch up to force results and change.

So for at least one week and possibly more I'll follow this plan.

2 - UB Barre WOs - I'm going to do 10 Fluidity pull-ups and 10 Full body push-ups at the beginning of the workout then I'll do an UB segment from a Bar Method WO. I'll finish with another 10 pull ups and Full body push-ups and stretches. This will clock in around 20 minutes vs the 33 minutes I've been doing. The lighter weights will have shock appeal but allow for recovery.

2 - LB Barre WOs. Again from a Bar Method WO. Same reasons as the UB.

2 - Shorter T-Tapp WOs. One standing UB emphasis, one LB floor emphasis

2 - 30 minute Freebounding sessions

2 - Stretch or Somatic Sessions

Daily KY Challenge

I was really excited to begin this plan today!

19 - 

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