Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September Concluded

19 - I did the LB sections from Bar Method Super Sculpting II followed by Day 17 of the KY Challenge. I felt like I wasn't working very hard but then realized that I was doing the Callanetics thing and relaxing the non working muscles. I'm starting to feel some DOMS now.

20 - This morning I did 10 Fluidity pull ups, 10 full body push-ups then the Bar Method Super Sculpting 2 warm up and UB sections followed by another set of 10 Fluidity pull ups and 10 full body push-ups. Then Day 18 of the KY Challenge. I also taught about an hour of warmups and UB weights. 

21 - This morning I did TT PBS as a warm-up then the LB segments from Bar Method Super Sculpting 2 and finally Day 19 of the KY Challenge. 

Tomorrow's practice started as I was clearing my space. Mariya mentioned that she was going to be really increasing things and we should "do our best." Hmmmm 

I immediately flashed back to Leah Sarago's periodization plan and the way it suddenly, without warning took an exponential jump in intensity. I'm going to continue to give the challenge the old college try but the minute a sense of dread creeps in I'm finished. Life is too short to exercise with dread. 

22 - Quick check in. This morning I did bookend sets of 10 fluidity pull ups and 10 push-ups. The warm-up and UB sections of BM SS 2 were in between. KY Challenge Day 20. I'm halfway through. Sat Nam! Also taught warm-ups and medium handweights for about an hour and a half. 

23 - This morning I did Day 21 of the KY Challenge followed by 30 minutes of Freebounding. I may add in some stretching and/T-Tapp this evening.

If the KY is more robust I'm not feeling it. I think we're staying with each movement and/or meditation longer during the practice. I honestly forgot how great a regular KY practice leaves me feeling. I think I'd like to maintain a brief daily practice whether or not I complete this challenge. Heaven knows I have plenty of KY DVDs to make that happen. :o

24 - I did Day 22 of the KY Challenge and then Freebounded for 30 minutes. I'll probably lay low the rest of the day. I have a very busy week coming up and need to be on top of my game.

25 - Soul satisfying workout this morning! I started with the Day 23 KY Challenge. It was for lungs and as I moved through it I noticed similarities to T-Tapp UB so I followed it with the TT MiniMax for UB. By the time I finished I was on an endorphin high. :love: I took a short break for tea and then Freebounded for 30 minutes. How I wish I had that much time for stirring up and pumping lymph every day. Followed it all with a steamy shower.

We're in our final investigative mode for our sauna for the gym. We've got to get it ordered, delivered and installed before snow flies or probably wait until spring. Since neither of us wants to wait we're pushing ahead.

26 - This morning I did Day 24 of KY Challenge. I discovered a new 23 minute LB WO on the Callanetic's site and streamed it instead of the Bar Method LB segments I had planned. It used the Pilates ring and resistance bands with ankle cuffs. I don't have the bands but still felt it without them. I was excited to see multiple new WOs. 

27 - Just finished 10 Fluidity Push-ups, 10 Full Body push-ups, 2 sets, then Day 25 KY Challenge, finally Bar Method Change your Body, warm up, UB and stretches only. My medial delta were sore because off all of the arm pumping in the KY sets. That's why I chose the shorter UB set in CYB. My arms feel good now but I'll be teaching for 40-60 minutes today so more arm work to come.

I'm getting stronger! I can do 30-40 total body push-ups as part of my WOs - probably because of the light weights.  My arms are definitely firming up. 

28 - Today I did KY Challenge Day 26 followed by Callanetics Lower Body Express with Lacey. 

She was quite chatty. I do like her form tips, they're excellent. But when I'm working through deep discomfort I like a little silence. I also like a little time to internalize and put into practice form tips before hearing the exact same tip again.  She did all the LB exercises first then stretched at the end. This was different but left me feeling great. I'm noticing that my left leg is weaker than my right. It's getting more even but I have to force my left leg to stay in alignment and not cheat.

29 - Day 27 of the KY Challenge, my double sets of push ups/pull ups and Bar Method Change your Body UB with a set of TT Hoedowns replacing the knee lifts. I'll teach with light hand weights  for an hour to an hour and a half.

30 - I did Day 28 of the KY Challenge. Part of me wonders if the aches and fatigue could have been detox. Today's practice left me feeling better. I also Freebounded for 30 minutes to rattle some lymph around. I'm going to try to start using my Chi Machine daily until I'm finished with the KY Challenge. I can't wait until our Sauna arrives and we set it up. I wanted a Sauna in the worst way last night and this morning.

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