Monday, August 1, 2016

August Check In

My workouts have been centered around checking the placement of the equipment in our home gym. That's given my workouts a rather disjointed, playground feel. I'm hoping to settle things down a bit in August.

1 - Fluidity bar 30 minutes, Freebounding 30 minutes

2 - Short Kundalini Warm-up then the Upper Body segments of  Cathe's MIS. About an hour of stretches and light handweights. I thought I'd rebound when I got home but DOMS had set in from my barre workout, rebounding and barefoot walking so stretching was more in order.

3 - Woke up sore - everywhere. Hot shower and some stretching lifted the soreness.

More moving furniture. I've got to say that our massage room is going to be beautiful and so relaxing. I just have to move the floor lamps and massage table in and put the art work and mirror up. I'll share some pictures when it's finished.

Ended up doing the Fluidity Seat and Thigh Workout followed by an old Urban Rebounding WO called African Bound. Total workout time around 40 minutes. Exactly what I needed today.

4 - Short Kundalini Warm-up then the Upper Body segments of  Cathe's MIS. Later about an hour of stretches and light hand weights. Barefoot walking. DOMS from Fluidity WO yesterday plus tiredness from this morning's MIS. I just used my chi machine to decrease the soreness. It worked! Will also get a good night's sleep.

5 - Barefoot Walking, 16 minute Dailey Method Core WO, Balance Ball 15 minute Stretch, 5 minutes on my Chi Machine

6 - Barefoot Walking, 30 Minutes Freebounding, some heavy lifting - we hung some heavy shelves in our gym entryway today.

7 - 30 minutes of Freebounding, short Egoscue session

8 - Fluidity Intermediate and 30 minutes of Freebounding. Some barefoot walking too.

9 - Cathe's UB Pyamid, will teach warm ups and light hand weights for 20-60 minutes later  today.

10 - Fluidity Seat and Thigh, 30 minutes of Freebounding.

11 - Cathe's UB Pyramid, teach for an hour later today.

12 - Barefoot walking for just over two hours - very warm and sticky weather here!

13 - 30 Minutes of Freebounding.

14 - 30 Minutes of Freebounding.

15 - Fluidity Intermediate, taught warmup, weights 60 minutes, Freebounding 30 minutes.

16 - Cathe Pyamid Upper Body

17 - T-Tapp Basic Workout, Fluidity Seat and Thigh, T-Tapp Floor moves for Lower body and Abs. This workout only clocked 50 minutes but gave me a lot of bang for my buck. The T-Tapp prefatiqued my lower body for the bar, which prefatiqued my LB for the floor moves. As Cathe said in one of her DVDS, "I was shaking like a chihuahua." 

18 - Cathe pyramid UB, I'm getting stronger. I was able to match or best Cathe in every set except biceps! It felt good to lift 20 pound Dumbbells again. I've realized that because of what I do (massage with range of motion) my back and triceps are much stronger than my chest and biceps. I need to work on that to keep things balanced.

My lower body and core are deliciously sore from yesterday's T-Tapp workout. Rather than a "You really beat yourself up sore"this is a "Pulling things back to balance sore."

19 - I decided some relaxing stretching was in order. Deep Stretch with Mimi Solaire was just the ticket! I did it in my new massage/meditation room. It was a cool morning so I was able to warm the room with the electric wood stove. I love that room!

The workout is ideal for comparing one side of the body to the other in order to root out imbalance. Now I know what to target and watch for with my barre and T-Tapp workouts. I'm firming up a really nice rotation template that will allow me to use a large variety of workouts over time. This has been fun because the rotation template is sort of springing from my workouts rather than me writing it and then doing it.

20 - 30 minutes Freebounding, Supreme Pilates Ab Blast as a warm-up For T-Tapp abs, Chi Machine for 5 minutes and shivasana

21 - T-Tapp PBS, 30 minutes Freebounding

22 - Intermediate Fluidity Bar - I might consider Freebounding or some T-Tapp abs later. I may leave it as is. This less is more approach is working well for me. I felt much stronger this morning and my pants are definitely looser. I should stick with the same DVDs for one week after this one but I'm feeling the urge to switch up. Same template, new workouts.

23 - T-Tapp PBS, Cathe Pyramid UB

24 - Fluidity Seat and Thigh, T-Tapp BWO and floor work.

25 -A.M. T-Tapp PBS, Cathe Pyramid UB, 11 minute Callanetics segment. P.M. 18 minute Callanetics Wind down, 5 minute Callanetics for your back.

26 - Freebounding 30 minutes, 18 minutes Callanetics Stretching

27 - Freebounding 30 minutes, 31 minutes Callanetics Basics & 20 minutes Somatics

28 - Today I did T-Tapp Tempo Total Body - 38 minutes. It's my all time favorite TT. After I finished I did a 15 minute Callanetics UB WO - They used bands. I used tubing because I don't trust bands. I finished up with a 10 minute Energizing Meditation by Callan Pinckney. I didn't know she had taped meditations but there are two on the site. The streaming was smooth no glitches.

I've settled on a WO Template. Each week I want to do the following:

2 UB Weight WOs
2 Barre WOs for my LB
2 Freebounding sessions
2 T-Tapp Sessions - 1 standing and one Floor
2 Stretching/Somatics Sessions

It's doable because most of the workouts clock in around 30 minutes. Scheduling the UB weights on the work days when I teach an hour of light handweights anyway has been working out really well. If I want to throw in more rebounding or other cardio there's time but my standing T-Tapp definitely counts as an extra cardio session.

29 - Original Callanetics with the chatter removed, which shortens it to about 45 minutes. Later a 35 minute Somatics session.

30 - This morning I did TT PBS for a warmup. I forget to mention it but that's my go to early morning warm up. Then I did the UB segment of Bodymax followed by Fluidity pull ups, two Fluidity flat back exercises, their psoas stretch and hanging stretch. Finally I did the Bodymax stretch.

The Bodymax weights are faster than I had been doing. I should have watched it first. Even though my set up keeps my weights close and easy to grab I felt rushed. I'll be better prepared next time. I have to admit to missing the pump of slower lifting but my body was ready for a change up.

I'll teach light handweights for about an hour today.

31 - Last WO of the month was a new release, Pure Calanetics. I honestly didn't care for it. I'll probably put up a review later. Onward to September!

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