Saturday, July 2, 2016

July Check In

I'm still working on a plan for July. Allergies and sore ribs from coughing left my June plans in total disarray and I need to decide if I want to go back to the Kettle Bell rotation I was working on or move on. My inclination is to move on. I miss T-Tapp, Ballet, and Pilates. So here's July!

1 -  Walking, loads of walking and some stretching

2 - I did my short Egoscue menu, Freebounded for 30 minutes and did a 30 minute Pilates Pro chair workout.

3 - Short Egoscue Menu, Freebounded for 30 minutes, It was beautiful here so we took the dogs, two at a time on long walks.

4 - Short Egoscue Menu, Freebounded for 30 minutes, T-Tapp Basic Workout

5 - Taught warm-ups light weights for 60 minutes, Freebounded for 30 minutes

6 - Freebounded for 30 minutes, Egoscue Menu

7 - Taught warm-ups, light weights for an hour and a half - active rest day today

8 - Feebounding 30 minutes, Egoscue Menu

9 - T-Tapp Basic Workout, Freebounding

10 - Pilates Wunda Chair WO, Walking
I'm experiencing something I almost never experience - RESISTANCE! Our home gym space is almost done. The builder says it will be completed this coming week. Once it's completed the building inspector needs to inspect it and give his approval. In the meantime, knowing that there is a nice new room in my future, I'm not feeling like working out in the cramped spaces I normally use. Oh well, one more week and we can begin moving our stuff in.

11 - Walking,  Egoscue - My walking has been in "bare foot" no heel/cushioning support sandals and shoes. It never fails to amaze me how differently this hits the lower body muscles.

12 - Taught warm-ups, light hand weights 1 hour + and barefoot walking - After thinking about my resistance I've realized that it's as much a matter of timing as anything else that's driving my resistance. I'm at a point where I would normally start a new rotation to keep myself interested and yes, even excited about my exercise program. But I really want to start it in my new playground. BUT, the playground isn't ready yet! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
13 - Kettlebell Swings, Hoedowns and Barefoot walking!

14 - Taught Warm-ups, light handweights 1.5 hours, Barefoot Walking

15 - Kettlebell Swings, Hoedowns, and Barefoot Walking!

16 - Painter worked today putting Satin Poly on the trim. It looks great! The only thing left is for the heating guy to connect up the thermostat and the extra heating zone to be wired. Unfortunately two different people will be doing that work and then the inspector needs to do his thing - so more waiting! ๐Ÿ˜ง Active rest day for me, Barefoot Walking.
17 - We started moving some equipment into the gym. Freebounding, Balance Ball and T-Tapp.

18 - Balance Ball, Freebounding and T-Tapp - in the gym at 4:00 am ๐Ÿ˜„

19 - Balance Ball, Freebounding and T-Tapp - in the gym at 4:00 am ๐Ÿ˜„

20 - Pilates Supreme Pro and Kundalini Yoga - in the gym - I thought I'd Freebound later but we ended up moving our treadmill from the TV room to the gym. That was quite the work out! ๐Ÿ˜ณ
21 - Today I started my day with the beginner Fluidity WO. It's my all time favorite Fluidity WO because it's short and sweet but packs a wallop if you watch your form and avoid momentum.

I also taught 80 minutes of warm-ups and light handweights and finally did 12 brisk minutes of treadmill dancing and 5 minutes on my chi machine to chill out.

22 - Active Rest, walked and moved around a lot of furniture and equipment clearing out my massage office.

23 - Active recovery, walking - I ran into the corner of a table this morning - bruised my hip. ๐Ÿ˜ณCarried a bunch of various types of weights into the gym.

24 - Hip is better but not 100%, Supreme Pilates +, Freebounding, Kundalini yoga. This was a nice combo that soothed my hip.

25 - Up early to do a fluidity workout, after work I did an emergency evening massage session and packed up the rest of my exercise space. After that I Freebounded for 30 minutes.

26 - Ana and Ravi Kundalini warm-up Blast from the past! Cathe's Maximum Intensity Strength UB segments only, 60 minutes of light handweights, rearranged our new gym yet again!

27 - Up early to Freebound for 30 minutes, then off to our office to work for four hours. DH and I broke down our beautiful mini waiting room and moved the furniture to the new gym. Cleaned out the rental exercise space as well. Test run of newly arranged Pilates reformer, 15 minutes Pilates rebounding, which was more challenging than I imagined because you're holding your legs up for the entire time. Also did a 20 minute reformer workout. I still need to open and close the reformer but it takes only a minute so I'm happy with the new placement. Finally cut matting and rearranged our barbell plates, kettle bells and heavier Dumbbells. I wanted to paint the rusty Dumbbells but ran out of time. Wrote our letter of intent for the select board for when we meet with them concerning moving out business into our home. Busy day!!

28 - Woke up tired and sore from yesterday's marathon of activity. Remembered this 15 minute gem of a restorative workout on the Balance Ball for Weight Loss DVD. It totally soothed my body. Taught 60 minutes of warm-ups and light handweights. It was enough.

29 - Tested out my latest placement of the Suprme Pilates Pro with a 20 minute workout. So far it seems to be good. Followed it up with 30 minutes of energetic Freebounding. I'm loving the fact that I can flip my Belicon down and be ready to bounce and then flip it back up when I finish.

30 - Active recovery. Lots of walking and some Bowman and Egoscue stretching.

31 - Last day of the month...Bowman and Egoscue stretching and walking. We also went to the office and completely cleared out the exercise space and brought more Nonessential pieces of furniture from the massage room. I brought the weights back in and rearranged them twice so I guess that could be considered a weight workout. ;) Here's a picture of one of the corners in the yoga, massage, meditation room. I like the shadows in the first picture. The colors aren't true in the second. The table is more of a plum, burgundy than red and the stained glass lamp is much more colorful.

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