Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Check In

I'm moving forward with LFR (Live Fit Revolution) Phase II. Once again, I have to say that I'm not sure I'll last all 6 weeks. Time will tell. With Phase II you do two new KB (Kettlebell) Workouts. To that you add a workout of your choice and a third KB WO (workout.)

The third KB WO is designed to be chosen from previous workouts. I may do that from time to time but what I enjoyed the other day was a Swing Warm-up, a T-Tapp WO, a Swing Cool-down and stretching. My workout of choice will be a Barre WO or another T-Tapp. Cardio will be sprinkled throughout and will mostly consist of rebounding.

1 - 30 minutes of Freebounding

2 - Rest Day other than about an hour total of light warm ups at work

3 - LFR Phase II WK 7 WO1

4 - Freebounding 30 Minutes

5 - LFR Phase II WK 7 WO 2 (finished week 1 of this phase)

6 - Freebounding 30 minutes - may be sticking to Freebounding for a while as I strained my ribs.

7 - Freebounding 30 minutes - ribs are improving

8 - Freebounding 30 minutes

9 - Rest day other than 1 hour of non weighted warm ups - still resting the rib but off anti inflammatory meds.

10 - Rest day, lots of walking, cleaning, organizing, stairs but no workout

11 - Active Rest with a ton of walking, lifting very heavy grocery bags didn't hurt my ribs when I did it but I did feel it later.

12 - Freebounding 30 minutes - My rib is definitely healing but need to take it slow.

13 - Walking only but extremely active with home chores too.

14 -  Taught for an hour and added itty bitty one pound weights with no pain during or after.

15 - Walking and home chores

16 - Taught for an hour and 15 minutes, added 2# weights only 6 exercises and 12 reps but a total of 4 sets of each exercise and NO RIB PAIN! I've got this on the run! 

17 - Freaked myself out a bit. I woke up with lightly stiff ribs - probably from the weights. Nothing else was stiff. Decided to stick with walking, the massages I had booked and, cleaning chores. My house is sparkling from all this cleaning! ;)

18 - This morning I'm fine, no rib pain. Funny how lifting 2# weights made my ribs sore but hauling around limbs during a massage doesn't cause any sensation the next day.

19 - Walking, light weights, stretching

20 - Walking

21 - Walking, weights -  weighted movements that used to hurt no longer do.

22 - Walking

23 - Taught for an hour and 20 minutes, increased my weights back to my norm. No pain! Also walked.

24 - 30 minutes of Freebounding, 100 KB swings 20 each, 18# - 20# - 26.4# - 20# - 18# will do a brief Egoscue menu later

25 - 30 minutes of Freebounding

26 - 30 minutes of Freebounding and a 30 minute Pilates pro chair workout. It made me realize how much I'm missing working from the inside out. I need to return to my T-Tapp, ballet and Pilates roots.

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