Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 2016 Check In

Kettlebell program from along with cardio and T-Tapp once a week. (Subject to change depending upon my schedule, mood, or the way the wind blows  )

5/1 - Freebounding - 30 minutes, Cathe Basic Step - Today is active recovery. Almost forgot! 2 sets of hoedowns!
5/2 - LiveFit Revolution Week 3 WORKOUT 3 (LFR WK3 WO3), 30 minutes of Freebounding, T-Tapp Floor moves
5/3 - LFR WK3 WO4, T-Tapp Floor Stretches for back (nice addition!) 30 minutes of Freebounding
5/4 - Cardio day - 45 minutes Step aero and 30 minutes Freebounding. 
5/5 - Rest Day but very busy work day 10,000 steps by 3:30 and taught light hand weights for 60 minutes - ready for bed!
5/6 - LFR WK4 WO1 also tried Zumba "Step It Up" I bought the Rizer to use with Ball Room Aerobics. The person who cues SIU should take a month and do The Firm and Cathe WOs so they can learn to cue! It was impossible to enjoy the movements and music because of the silly hand cues on screen (looks like the lead is trying to land a plane) and the late verbal cues. Despite all the distraction, I was able follow the routine but just wasn't feeling the love. I bailed after 30 minutes. 30 minutes of Freebounding soothed my soul.
5/7 - LFR WK4 WO2 I'm adding T-Tapp stretches, OIP and HF to the stretches at the end of the WO, also adding some breath of fire and long slow breathing to those stretches and subbing some Callanetics stretches in - feels great! 30 minutes of Freebounding.
5/9 - LFR WK4 WO3 with added stretches, increased to 26.4# KB for last two sets of warmup swings. 
30 minutes of Freebounding.   
5/10 -  LFR WK4 WO4 Held onto my 2 sets of heavier swings and went up to 26.4 # for a set of 10 swing, catch, squats. Definitely feeling stronger. 15 minutes of step aerobics, 15 minutes of walking.
5/11 - Active recovery - 30 minutes of Freebounding.
5/12 - More recovery - Taught 3 - 20 minute classes with light hand weights, 12,000 steps but nothing more. Not feeling great, it's a long story but this too shall pass.
5/13 - LFR WK5 WO1 - My extra rest day paid off. I'm feeling much better today. I thought I'd need to lighten my KBs but since the movements were on two feet I was fine. 30 minutes of Freebounding.
5/14 - LFR WK5 WO2  30 minutes of Freebounding.
5/15 - Rest Day - 30 minutes of light Freebounding.
5/16 - Rest Day - my allergies are getting the best of me.
5/17 - Rest Day - still hacking and sneezing
5/18 - Rest Day - somewhat improved
5/19 - Taught a total of about an hour of warm-ups and light hand weights at work. Still coughing but more than ready to get back to exercising.
5/20 - LFR WK5 WO3 was able to swing heavy but dialed down poundage on some moves in deference to form and my lingering wheezing cough. Started back where I left off. I don't believe in playing catch up or doubling up. I'm really zeroing in on my posterior chain muscle imbalance. I'm starting to be able to control it and not allow the twist and substitutions to happen. Psyched about this!5/19 - 
5/21 - LFR WK5 WO4 - Still not 100% but totally nailed renegade rows this morning!
5/22 -  30 minutes of Freebounding - still keeping things relatively low key.
5/23 -  LFR WK6 WO1 - Last week of Phase 1! Never thought I'd get this far. Loads of thoughts on similarities and differences between T-Tapp and KBs. Plan on writing it up on Serendipity! Later.
5/24 - LFR WK6 WO2
5/25 - Freebounding - 30 minutes
5/26 - Rest Day - I need to figure this out. I still end up lightly working out and lifting on my rest day because of my job. I think no lifting would be better.
5/27 - LFR WK6 WO3

5/28 - LFR WK6 WO4  Yay! I finished Phase 1! I've been thinking about a plan for Phase 2 but really need to fine tune it.
5/29 - 30 minutes of Freebounding 
5/30 -  The Bar Method Beginner's Workout - Phase 2 begins a bit low key
5/31 - 120 KB SWINGS for warm up, T-Tapp BWO+, 130 KB SWINGS Cool down, stretch - and that is a wrap for this month.

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