Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

I posted this update and my goal for 2016 on the Dr. Fuhrman forums but I thought I'd put it here for easy reference.

We are still doing well. We're moving into 2016 strong. Dr. Greger's book and now his app have helped. Quite an eye opener! 

I'm also looking forward to Dr. Fuhrman's next book, though I'm not sure when it is due out. His books always serve to reopen my eyes and assure me that our path is true!

We're doing a 30 day free Green Smoothie Challenge because Dr. Greger's book made us realize that we don't get enough fruit. Berries we get, but not a good enough variety of fruit. The smoothie challenge will help us hit 4-5 of Dr. Greger's 12 daily goals. (I'll adjust fruit amounts as needed and probably add a bit more greens along with our daily flax.)

We'll play the same game with GBOMBS. It's a shame that Dr.Greger's app doesn't allow a few customizable fields so we could add in onions and mushrooms.

The crazy thing is that playing a game to see how many goal foods you can get into a delicious, healthy meal feels so much better to me than forcing myself to only eat the prescribed GBOMBS at each meal. I'm not talking about cheating but about living large in health. The recipes Dr. Fuhrman has been sending out lately look fantastic. We'll be incorporating a few of those into our weekly meal plans.

I'm also enjoying exercising. On nasty days my dogs and I now walk on the treadmill together twice a day - 2 dogs at a time, so 4 sessions daily. I "Freebound on my Bellicon, T-Tapp and throw in a bunch of other fitness activities just for fun. No Cross Country Skiing yet because there's almost no snow!

My New Year's goal is to jettison as many joyless things that are part of my life as possible. Not just clutter, I'm giving away a small TV, stereo and speakers on Saturday, but habits and things I feel that I need to do but maybe don't really need to do. It's not going to be easy but I have a feeling that if I'm tenacious about it I will pick up steam.

Finally, I'm pretty sure I gain a few pounds over the holidays. My clothes fit well but I still feel as if I've gained. I'm sure that if I gained those pounds will drop off as we get back to a more normal pattern of meals so I'm not going to stress over it. (I made a total of 5 vegan, desserts over the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving through today, serving 5 people and we still have leftovers) 

And the Christmas Cactus blooms? They were a pretty vanilla with peachy pink accents, which actually blossomed on Yule - the Winter Solstice.
Choosing nutritionally excellent food all the time is of primary importance because it allows me to live the life I'm meant to live - A life filled with love, joy and contentment - A life where I get to be in control.

But eating, now that's not important at all. I don't need to even think about much. Making it a big deal only serves to distract me from the joy of life. I get hungry, I eat. It's really that simple.

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