Friday, January 1, 2016

4 Jack Russell Connemara Terrors and Their Cat Do New Years Resolutions!


First up Fionna who says:
I'm going to exercise daily and make sure I eat my nutrient dense, species appropriate dog food in proper portions to be my healthiest.

I also need to stop hanging around with mom so much because, dang it all, she's really starting to rub off on me and I'm not sure I like it!

EEK! I'm even doing run on sentences like she does!

Hutch says:
I'm going to avoid walking up too many hills and perform a series of daily Up dogs and Down dogs in order to elongate my leg muscles. I'm hoping this will give them a longer, sleeker appearance.

Reilly says:
I'm going to stop using my impossible cuteness to my advantage. Well only 50% of the time because let's face it, when you're blessed with this much cuteness it would be a sin not to use it at least part of the time. Please don't hate me. I come by it naturally.

Fionn (that's Finn to you) says:
I'm going to stop stealing Dad's gloves out of his pockets - right under his nose, hee hee.

I'm warning you though, underwear and socks? Those are still fair game!

BTW, I prefer Van Heusen undies and LLBEAN socks.

Starsky the cat says: Their Cat? THEIR CAT??? Between you and me I own those dogs. I'm going do my best to tease the life out of those dogs. THEIR CAT? They'll be eating those words in 2016.

Reilly adds: It's really a shame that mom didn't catch my best angle in that picture but even at my worst I'm still way cuter than the cat! Don't ya think? heh, heh heh

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned to see how those resolutions pan out in 2016!

PS, This is mom to this pack. I thought maybe I'd vow to put and end to run on sentences and maybe even a few of my other grammatical faux pas but honestly it drives the grammar police crazy and it's part of my charm so I guess you can't count on that changing in 2016! ;)

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