Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Doggie TM Update

The dogs love the treadmill. If it's open they'll run in and sit on it hoping we'll turn it on. I gave up putting all four of them on together because there's really not enough room.  I also didn't want to mess up their habit of walking in heel position. So one of us walks in front and they walk in heel. Eventually we'll get rid of the leads but I also don't want to mess up their habit of walking with a slack lead.

They all have different TM personalities. Reilly will usually get right down to business, slipping quickly into pack drive with his tail and head down. Fionn is next closely followed by Hutch. Fionna likes to play around, running ahead, riding back, she's like that outside as well. The video is silent but we typically play music and talk to them while we walk.  What's their favorite music you ask? A brisk Irish fiddle piece closely followed by Loreena Mckennitt ballads. What can I say? They're Irish Jacks!

For comparison can find their first session HERE.

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