Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Exercise Your Face?

In the past I've been faithful to facial exercise for a while and I do think it made a difference. The thing that always stopped me was time. It's hard enough to find the time to bend, tuck, stretch and strengthen your body let alone find a half an hour three times a week for your face!

Then a friend mentioned Eva Fraser and mentioned that her method takes very little time to accomplish.  This picture is Eva at 80! So I did what any bargain loving woman with a mission would do. I did an internet search and then visited amazon for a used copy of her book!

Well the book arrived and the exercises do take only minutes to accomplish. 
Interestingly enough some of the beginner exercises are variations on a smile.
Maybe I'll just work on doing more things that encourage me to smile. Sounds sensible.

Seriously though, here's Eva in a video. Pretty interesting lady.

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