Sunday, October 18, 2015

You can't go back.....or can you?

I realise it isn't a case of putting in an hour of gym time and being "good to go" healthy and fit. We need more than an hour of movement daily. We need to be moving throughout our day. Notice I said moving, not exercising.

The thing is, I love a good exercise session, especially if it's set to good music. Maybe you can't take the dancer out of me. Maybe I'm too old at 60 to reform. Maybe at 60 I'm just comfortable with my likes and dislikes. I tried only doing corrective moves, walking barefoot and working on hanging and squatting movements for  close to a year. I missed my good old exercise sessions so I'm reclaiming them but with a little difference.

I'm mixing and matching in order to get a variety of movements over the course of a week - and enjoying it! But, I'm not necessarily ordering the new stuff that's out. I'm going with the tried and true older stuff from my past along with a few newer offerings. A DVD with multiple short chapters is a beautiful thing!

I recently did a DIY Move to Detox rotation and enjoyed it no end. That rotation along with receiving a new 49" Bellicon rebounder as an early anniversary gift got me started in this direction - and I'm so happy it did!

That rotation blossomed into my current rotation. More on that later.

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