Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What a difference dietary variety makes!

We are really enjoying the Happy Herbivore meals we've been eating! It's not even been a week but I've noticed a few changes.

1. I really look forward to my meals knowing that there is a new recipe waiting for me to try rather than something I've eaten a hundred times before. 

2. Looking forward to my meals totally eradicates any desire to snack between meals. I really WANT to be hungry when I eat in order to fully enjoy joy my food.

3. I have no desire to eat nuts and seeds. I have to make it a point to get my 1 ounce a day. I think this as a result of my over the top meal satisfaction. 

4. I automatically get my starchy vegetables, whole grains or a combo of the two.  I tended to forget these or strangely, feel guilty for eating them. (The proverbial Fuhrman Forum wisdom seems to be that if you aren't at goal weight you have no business eating starches. Note that I said, forum wisdom. I personally don't believe this is Dr. Fuhrman's intention, well at least going by his books it isn't. Thank goodness for Chef AJ who taught me that Starchy vegetables are not the enemy! 

Bottom line? I'm feeling really deeply satisfied with what I'm eating these days.

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