Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Herbivore

Yesterday I did my first Batch Prep/cooking session. I've previously made double batches of Fuhrman recipes and frozen half. I've made jar salads. I've had a loose plan for our weekly meals but never set out to thoroughly cover our bases for a different meal each evening.

How did I do this you ask? I cheated. ;)

The problem with flying by the seat of your pants where meal prep is concerned is that, unless you have fantastic cooking skills, you end up eating the same things all the time. My family never complained but in my heart I knew they'd appreciate more variety.

So after seeing it mentioned on the ETL forums, signing up for a free sample meal plan and discussing it with DH I signed up for the Happy Herbivore's meal plan. You get a weekly meal planner with recipes for each dish. You also get a grocery list, a list of foods to batch prep and instructions for easily cooking a weeks worth of meals in a few hours.

The meals are vegan but aren't totally Eat to Live friendly. It's super simple to make them ETL friendly though because they aren't far off. At first glance I wondered if our vegetable intake would suffer. After yesterday's prep/cook-a-thon I'm comfortable that by adding a large leafy salad to dinner, tucking in some cooked greens somewhere and having fruit for dessert we'll be good to go.

We're genuinely looking forward to trying a new meal each night.

Between the ETL 6 week guidelines, Chef AJ's concept of eat to the left of the red line and now these recipes I feel like I'm slowly but surely developing a way of eating that works for us. I'm also building skills in the kitchen. I'll put any recipe we love into my Paprika app and eventually I'll be able to use it to make my own weekly plans and shopping list.

The other thing that's great about the meal planning site is their forum. It's not fancy and I haven't posted yet but it's upbeat and people are celebrating enjoying good food!

Finally, the portions for the recipes are generous though the calorie count is low so there's ample room for me to add in my salad, steamed greens and fruit. The plan allows those seeking weight loss to add in two 100 calorie snacks and still stay within 1200 calories. The weekly PDF you receive provides a list of seasonal examples. I don't count calories and I don't snack but having a ball park idea of what this plan provides reassures me that I won't be gaining weight that I don't want to gain.

Having all this healthy food prepped and ready to go allows me the freedom to easily shop then cook once and clean up the kitchen and not think about it until the next week.

Now I need to go thank the two folks who made the suggestion on the Fuhrman forums!


  1. Hi Lannette,
    Can you do a post on how you batch cook the Happy Herbivore meal plan recipes? I have their weekly recipe plan but it's kind of overwhelming me...

  2. Sure Erin. This weekend will be the perfect time since I tend to do my cooking on weekends.


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