Thursday, October 15, 2015


I used to journal at I got to a point where I wanted to simplify and food was one of the things that Nutritarian eating had complicated. It wasn't that it couldn't be simple. I was just making it complicated.

This journal represents a break from that complication. It's not that I couldn't continue to journal there but most of what I would be journaling doesn't pertain to food and those forums are mostly about food. So here I am.

This journal feels like a big, empty, echoing room that needs to be decorated. lol

I'll finish this first post by quoting the signature from my old ETL journal because it pretty much sums up my feelings about food these days.

Choosing nutritionally excellent food all the time is of primary importance because it allows me to live the life I'm meant to live - A life filled with love, joy and contentment - A life where I get to be in control. 
But eating, now that's not important at all. I don't need to even think about it much. Making it a big deal only serves to distract me from the joy of life. I get hungry, I eat. It's really that simple.

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