Thursday, October 22, 2015

Checking In

I'm designating a label for times when I basically just check in with no real new info.

Yesterday I did two longer dog walks, about a mile and a quarter each. DH did the pm dog walks while I did chair massage at a local health fair. Before I left I managed to do my detox workout consisting of 15 minutes of Kundalini Yoga, 20 minutes of an old Leslie walk and jog and the first section of the Lastics DVD. It was a good choice given the fact I was doing three hours of chair massage. I upgraded the Leslie DVD to more jogging and instead of sidestepping I jumped to the side, trying to jump down into the mat, sticking the landing on one foot for a balance challenge. Kind of fun.

Last night we enjoyed a delicious spaghetti squash/bean recipe with homemade tofu "mozzarella slices." It was really delicious!! One problem I'm having with this meal plan is that the food is so good that I want to make it again but an entirely new list of recipes dropped into my inbox yesterday. It's a good problem to have. LOL!

I mentioned dog walking above. We have 4 Connemara JRTs and a cat. If you haven't read my previous blog you can catch up with them HERE

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