Friday, October 30, 2015

T-Tapp Bootcamp

It seems my new rotation, now almost a week old, has prompted me to do a T-Tapp Bootcamp of sorts.

I had planned to do a slight switch up next week but find myself wanting to hang with this rotation. I haven't decided for sure but think I'll keep some elements and switch out other elements and revisit this week's plan later. Exercise is helping me to keep my sanity right now. Actually, it always helps me keep my sanity. Exercise and believe it or not greens, lots and lots of greens. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Loving this rotation!

Yesterday I did T-Tapp LB, a short but intense rebounding session with an emphasis on high tuck jumps where you jump high, tuck your feet up and then "stick" the landing for a LB emphasis followed by two dog walks.  I finished with Balance Ball LB.

This morning I was up before 5 to do T-Tapp Torso and a short Core Rebounder set followed by a dog walk. Drum roll pulleez! All four dogs walked together, side by side. I'll try to post a. Pic later. We're on our way to their follow-up session with the trainers. I'll do Balance Ball Abs later tonight.

I woke up this morning excited to realize today is the day that the meal plan for next week comes out! So fun to see the new recipes

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I'm on the Ball

I started my new rotation yesterday. I'm starting out with T-Tapp, balance ball and rebounding and of course the ever present dog walks.

Last night I did T-Tapp arms, a short rebounding segment with one pound weights (they were too light but who knew ahead of time?) And balance ball upper body. It was a nice light workout but starting out with the T-Tapp pre-toasted my arms.

I plan to use LB and torso variations of this combo for the rest of the week and then possibly morph the rotation by changing the dvds.

I can do it together or break it apart depending upon my day. Speaking of day, this one needs to get rolling! Have a good day!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Time Crunch

The end of any month is always a busy time for me, this month exceptionally so. It feels great to know I've got healthy meals for the week prepped and ready to roll. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The dogs are Loving the Treadmill!

This morning dawned windy, cold and rainy. The dogs went out to do their thing without issue but when the time came for morning walks it was pouring. That means treadmill walks for each dog. I was really surprised at their excitement when they each discovered the treadmill set up. They ran right up and jumped on.

I previously posted videos of three of them on the treadmill HERE. The above picture is Fionn on the treadmill this morning.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Oldie but Goodie

Yesterday was crazy busy. When I was finally able to breathe I decided to pull out an old VHS tape. (Yes, I still have VHS tapes!) I was sure I described a rotation using these tapes along with T-Tapp on an old blog but I can't find it. [Scratching head]

The Balance Ball Fitness DVDs (or my case VHSs) with Susan Deason are beginner to intermediate in difficulty. These aren't the DVDS to chose if you're looking for a killer workout. They are a great choice for a lighter day or when you're looking for a pleasant wind down to your day.

That's exactly how I used the abs vhs last night and it was wonderful!

Friday, October 23, 2015

True Hunger VS Toxic Hunger

According to Dr. Fuhrman, author of Eat to Live, true hunger is felt in the throat and upper chest. Those stomach rumblings, gurgles and "hunger" pains are actually toxic hunger. Dr.Fuhrman says that the symptoms of toxic hunger are related to our body detoxing from SAD (Standard American Diet) food.

For the longest time I tried to feel true hunger. I tried to force it by not eating until I felt it. That did nothing but leave me with a vague sense of fatigue.

It's only been in the last couple months that I felt it, first fairly regularly and now quite reliably. I've come to the conclusion that you can't force it. When you're ready to feel it you're going to feel it.

Since increasing more variety I'm also experiencing more subtle grades of hunger. I used to either be hungry or not hungry but now I'm noticing that if I think about it when hunger first strikes I'm just a bit hungry and when I feel that way a small portion of food will satisfy that hunger. This is not snacking for the sake of snacking but responding to hunger when I know it will be 4-5 additional hours until I'm able to eat a meal should I ignore my slight hunger.

Another hallmark of true Hunger is that food tastes wonderful! I find this to be very true when I eat in response to throat hunger, even if slight but again I'm not sure you can force yourself to experience this.

Finally, for me salivating at the sight or thought of healthy food is a dead give away that I'm hungry. I have actually had my mouth water when I picked up a beautiful head of romaine in the grocery store and yes I was hungry at the time.

Have you ever experienced throat hunger? 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Checking In

I'm designating a label for times when I basically just check in with no real new info.

Yesterday I did two longer dog walks, about a mile and a quarter each. DH did the pm dog walks while I did chair massage at a local health fair. Before I left I managed to do my detox workout consisting of 15 minutes of Kundalini Yoga, 20 minutes of an old Leslie walk and jog and the first section of the Lastics DVD. It was a good choice given the fact I was doing three hours of chair massage. I upgraded the Leslie DVD to more jogging and instead of sidestepping I jumped to the side, trying to jump down into the mat, sticking the landing on one foot for a balance challenge. Kind of fun.

Last night we enjoyed a delicious spaghetti squash/bean recipe with homemade tofu "mozzarella slices." It was really delicious!! One problem I'm having with this meal plan is that the food is so good that I want to make it again but an entirely new list of recipes dropped into my inbox yesterday. It's a good problem to have. LOL!

I mentioned dog walking above. We have 4 Connemara JRTs and a cat. If you haven't read my previous blog you can catch up with them HERE

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Just Right Weights + Cardio + Yoga

Last night I didn't know what to do. I wanted to do a FitPrime but wanted something light.

I used the time method and chose Just Right Weights+ Cardio + Yoga as it's 37 minutes long.

Anna is quite engaging in this workout. The cardio is basically marching in place so I took that to the rebounder, also took the balance to the rebounder. There's not a ton of yoga and you can go heavy on the weights though I didn't. In the end it was, pun intended, just right.

This is an out of print DVD that will only be available while supplies last. I ordered it from Fitness Favorites.

What a difference dietary variety makes!

We are really enjoying the Happy Herbivore meals we've been eating! It's not even been a week but I've noticed a few changes.

1. I really look forward to my meals knowing that there is a new recipe waiting for me to try rather than something I've eaten a hundred times before. 

2. Looking forward to my meals totally eradicates any desire to snack between meals. I really WANT to be hungry when I eat in order to fully enjoy joy my food.

3. I have no desire to eat nuts and seeds. I have to make it a point to get my 1 ounce a day. I think this as a result of my over the top meal satisfaction. 

4. I automatically get my starchy vegetables, whole grains or a combo of the two.  I tended to forget these or strangely, feel guilty for eating them. (The proverbial Fuhrman Forum wisdom seems to be that if you aren't at goal weight you have no business eating starches. Note that I said, forum wisdom. I personally don't believe this is Dr. Fuhrman's intention, well at least going by his books it isn't. Thank goodness for Chef AJ who taught me that Starchy vegetables are not the enemy! 

Bottom line? I'm feeling really deeply satisfied with what I'm eating these days.

Monday, October 19, 2015


What a lovely day I've had!

I ate a wonderful variety of healthy food that left me feeling totally satisfied. Not stuffed, or even full but completely and utterly satisfied.

I worked with the dogs. I did 6 dog walks and 8 dog massages.

Tonight I did T-Tapp Minimax 1. That's a very old out of print upper body emphasis workout. The emphasis is on arms but by holding your stance deeply you get quite a lower body workout as well - all in 19 minutes.

Then I did 20 minutes on my Bellicon using the Starbound DVD. I ended with 20 minutes of Yin-style Yoga for the hips and legs from the Mimi Solaire DVD. I say Yin-style because it isn't true yin but it is deliciously slow. It all felt great.

Before I worked out I went through my DVDs and VHS tapes and considered different variations of my current fitness rotation. I came up with a bunch! I can't wait to try them!

I call my current "The Blast From the Past Rotation" because I'm using segments from old or even out of print workouts. Basically the rotation lines up like this.

1. T-Tapp plus optional rebounding and/or flexibility
2. Kundalini Yoga, Rebounding or T-Tapp, Flexibility
3. Non-T-Tapp Workout plus optional rebounding and/or flexibility
4. T-Tapp plus optional rebounding and/or flexibility
5. Kundalini Yoga, Rebounding or T-Tapp, Flexibility
6. Non-T-Tapp Workout plus optional rebounding and/or flexibility
7. Yin Yoga or rest

When I put segments together I choose 10-20 minute segments. That way the workout is only about an hour long.  Currently my non-T-Tapp workouts have been Fit Prime workouts. In the coming weeks ill keep the same rotation but switch out various other types of workouts to go with T-Tapp.

It was so nice to pull delicious food out of the fridge and put together meals that had already been prepared. I'm really liking this!

Happy Herbivore

Yesterday I did my first Batch Prep/cooking session. I've previously made double batches of Fuhrman recipes and frozen half. I've made jar salads. I've had a loose plan for our weekly meals but never set out to thoroughly cover our bases for a different meal each evening.

How did I do this you ask? I cheated. ;)

The problem with flying by the seat of your pants where meal prep is concerned is that, unless you have fantastic cooking skills, you end up eating the same things all the time. My family never complained but in my heart I knew they'd appreciate more variety.

So after seeing it mentioned on the ETL forums, signing up for a free sample meal plan and discussing it with DH I signed up for the Happy Herbivore's meal plan. You get a weekly meal planner with recipes for each dish. You also get a grocery list, a list of foods to batch prep and instructions for easily cooking a weeks worth of meals in a few hours.

The meals are vegan but aren't totally Eat to Live friendly. It's super simple to make them ETL friendly though because they aren't far off. At first glance I wondered if our vegetable intake would suffer. After yesterday's prep/cook-a-thon I'm comfortable that by adding a large leafy salad to dinner, tucking in some cooked greens somewhere and having fruit for dessert we'll be good to go.

We're genuinely looking forward to trying a new meal each night.

Between the ETL 6 week guidelines, Chef AJ's concept of eat to the left of the red line and now these recipes I feel like I'm slowly but surely developing a way of eating that works for us. I'm also building skills in the kitchen. I'll put any recipe we love into my Paprika app and eventually I'll be able to use it to make my own weekly plans and shopping list.

The other thing that's great about the meal planning site is their forum. It's not fancy and I haven't posted yet but it's upbeat and people are celebrating enjoying good food!

Finally, the portions for the recipes are generous though the calorie count is low so there's ample room for me to add in my salad, steamed greens and fruit. The plan allows those seeking weight loss to add in two 100 calorie snacks and still stay within 1200 calories. The weekly PDF you receive provides a list of seasonal examples. I don't count calories and I don't snack but having a ball park idea of what this plan provides reassures me that I won't be gaining weight that I don't want to gain.

Having all this healthy food prepped and ready to go allows me the freedom to easily shop then cook once and clean up the kitchen and not think about it until the next week.

Now I need to go thank the two folks who made the suggestion on the Fuhrman forums!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

You can't go back.....or can you?

I realise it isn't a case of putting in an hour of gym time and being "good to go" healthy and fit. We need more than an hour of movement daily. We need to be moving throughout our day. Notice I said moving, not exercising.

The thing is, I love a good exercise session, especially if it's set to good music. Maybe you can't take the dancer out of me. Maybe I'm too old at 60 to reform. Maybe at 60 I'm just comfortable with my likes and dislikes. I tried only doing corrective moves, walking barefoot and working on hanging and squatting movements for  close to a year. I missed my good old exercise sessions so I'm reclaiming them but with a little difference.

I'm mixing and matching in order to get a variety of movements over the course of a week - and enjoying it! But, I'm not necessarily ordering the new stuff that's out. I'm going with the tried and true older stuff from my past along with a few newer offerings. A DVD with multiple short chapters is a beautiful thing!

I recently did a DIY Move to Detox rotation and enjoyed it no end. That rotation along with receiving a new 49" Bellicon rebounder as an early anniversary gift got me started in this direction - and I'm so happy it did!

That rotation blossomed into my current rotation. More on that later.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


I used to journal at I got to a point where I wanted to simplify and food was one of the things that Nutritarian eating had complicated. It wasn't that it couldn't be simple. I was just making it complicated.

This journal represents a break from that complication. It's not that I couldn't continue to journal there but most of what I would be journaling doesn't pertain to food and those forums are mostly about food. So here I am.

This journal feels like a big, empty, echoing room that needs to be decorated. lol

I'll finish this first post by quoting the signature from my old ETL journal because it pretty much sums up my feelings about food these days.

Choosing nutritionally excellent food all the time is of primary importance because it allows me to live the life I'm meant to live - A life filled with love, joy and contentment - A life where I get to be in control. 
But eating, now that's not important at all. I don't need to even think about it much. Making it a big deal only serves to distract me from the joy of life. I get hungry, I eat. It's really that simple.